CKA Autumn Conference, 2015.

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CKA Autumn Conference, 2015:
held at the University of Kent.

The CKA Autumn Conference 2015 was held at Rutherford College Hall, University of Kent, Canturbury on Saturday, the 17th of October.

The theme of the conference was Archaeology Along the North Kent Coast and had four main presentations:

  • The Transformation of Hoo: change from medieval to modern,
  • WW1 defences on the North Kent coast,
  • Thanet's archaeology: knowns, unknowns, and the need to know,
  • The search for King Stephen and his royal abbey at Faversham.

The Autumn Conference was organised by the Council for Kentish Archaeology (CKA), the Kent Archaeological Society (KAS), and the Classical and Archaeological Studies Department of the University of Kent. The organisers are grateful to the University of Kent for providing the venue for another year at no cost, and to Dr Steve Willis for his help in arranging yet another successful afternoon.

Some of the images from the day:

People beginning to arrive.

Dr Brian Philp — Chairman CKA — welcoming Sir Robert and Lady Worcester.

The conference about to start.

Dr Philp opens the conference.

Dr Robert Cockcroft
General Secretary — Kent Archaeological Society.

Mike Harrison
Chairman — Kent County Council.

Dr Gill Draper,
School of History, University of Kent.

The Transformation of Hoo: change from medieval to modern.

Map of the Hoo peninsula.

Simon Mason — Principal Archaeological Officer.
Defence of Swale Project, Kent County Council.

WW1 defences on the North Kent coast — Defence of Swale Project.


The hall empties for the tea break.

No conference is complete without a raffle —
Edna Mynottt is one of the lucky winners.

Jonathan Horne Preservation Award.
Kent Fire Fighting Museum — Howard Myres.

Kent Archaeological Award for Co-operation 2015.
Wayne & Kim Barr of the Woodlands Garden Centre.

Young Archaeologist Award — Crofton Villa — Jonathan Andrews.

Young Archaeologist Award — Crofton Villa — Anne Duckworth.

Young Archaeologist Award — Painted House — Perry DeSouza.

Sir Robert Worcester addresses the audience on the significance of the Magna Carta.

Sir Robert Worcester, Chairman of the Magna Carta Today 800th Committee presents
The Magna Carta Chronicle; A Young Persons guide to 800 Years in the Fight for Freedom

Produced in partnership with the Magna Carta 800th Trust, the Magna Carta Chronicle combines a newspaper, timeline, crossword, quiz and souvenir copy of the Magna Carta itself .

Dr David Plummer introduces Ges Moody.

Ges Moody — Deputy Director: Trust for Thanet Archaeology.

Thanet's archaeology: knowns, unknowns, and the need to know

Dr Plummer introduces Dr Brian Philp.

Dr Philp spoke about the discovery and excavation at Faversham Abbey, in the winter of 1964/5.
King Stephen and Queen Matilda were buried there.

A full account of the conference appears in the current issue of the KAR (number 199).