CKA Autumn Conference, 2017.

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CKA Autumn Conference, 2017:
held at the University of Kent.

The CKA Autumn Conference 2017 was held at Rutherford College Hall, University of Kent, Canturbury on Saturday, the 14th of October.

The theme of the conference was If the Kaiser Should Come — Defending Kent and the South-East during the Great War and had four main presentations:

  • Defence on Land,
    Peter Kendall, Historic England.
  • Defence at Sea
    Professor Andrew Lambert, Kings College London
  • Air defence,
    Victor Smith, Historic Defences Committee and Kent Archaeological Society.
  • Emergency Planning for Invasion,
    Simon Mason, Heritage Conservation Group, Kent County Council.

The Autumn Conference was organised by the Council for Kentish Archaeology (CKA), the Kent Archaeological Society (KAS), and the Classical and Archaeological Studies Department of the University of Kent. The organisers are grateful to the University of Kent for providing the venue once again at no cost, and to Dr Steve Willis for his continuing help in arranging yet another successful afternoon.

Some of the images from the day:

Dr Steve Willis
for the Univerity of Kent
welcomes everyone to the conference.

Dr Brian Philp
for the CKA
welcomes everyone to the conference.

Councillor David Brazier
Chaiman of Kent County Council
addresses the conference.

Victor Smith
for the KAS
addresses the conference.

Peter Kendall
Historic England
spoke about the land defences.

Professor Andrew Lambert
Kings College London
spoke about the defences at sea.

Victor Smith
Historic Defences Committee and Kent Archaeoogical Society
spoke about the air defences.

Simon Mason
Heritage Conservation Group, Kent County Council
explained the emergency planning, should the invasion come.

Sir Robert Worcester
Kent Archaeological Society
brought the audience up-to-date with the ongoing work at Allington Castle.

CKA Awards for 2017
Presented by Sir Robert Worcester.

The 'New' Archaeologist Award

for outstanding work at Crofton Villa
—Katherine Day.

The Jonathan Horne Preservation Award

for Stepped-lift Carriage at Folkestone.
—Robert Mouland.

The Jonathan Horne Preservation Award

— Aviation Museum at Eastchurch, Sheppey.

No conference is complete without a lucky draw. There were a number of prizes this year; Sir Robert Worcester made the draws.

Also .....

First World War re-enactors from Surmabteilungbrandt (STAB) ("assault detachment brandt") were on hand to discuss WWI from the German side.

Ruth Plummer (seen here with CKA Vice-Chairman Dick Ansell at last year's conference) announced her retirement after many years as the CKA's conference organiser.

A full account of the conference will appear in the next issue of the KAR (number 205).