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Friends Visits — 2017.


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The 2 Friends' visits in 2017 will be:

Summer Guided Tour — Milton Regis Court Hall, Milton Regis, nr Sittingbourne.

This visit will take place on Saturday, 10th June, 2017 from 2.30pm to 4pm.

The timber framed Court Hall is over 600 years old and was originally the home of the Manor Court. In its prime in Anglo-Saxon times, the Manor of Milton Regis retained its importance into medieval times and was responsible for the hamlet of Sittingbourne, As the Middle Ages came to a close, the fortunes of Milton Regis declined and those of Sittingbourne rose.

Today the Court Hall is managed by a dedicated group of volunteers who regularly open it to the general public. There are artefacts as well as many interpretation boards explaining what is to be seen. The downside of the Court Hall as a museum is that, although it has an upper story, this can only be reached by a stairway with very narrow treads, making for uncertain footing. It is planned to have looped photographs of the upstairs, but it is uncertain as to whether this display will be in place at the time of our visit. There are no toilet facilities in the building, but there are some nearby. Parking is in a Public Car Park just down the road.

Autumn Guided Tour — ALL CHANGE!

Due to circumstances beyond our control, the September visit to the Kent Police Museum has had to be posponed.

Friends of the CKA are invited to attend the Blue Town Aviation Annex at Eastchurch, which contains a small museum and artefacts relating to Eastchurch's time as a military Air Station.

Saturday, September 16th, from 11.30am to 1.30pm.

Please note also that you will need your own transport.

Full details in the current issue of the Kent Archaeological Review.

From the Archives.

The Friends have visited a variety of sites in Kent over the years. Here you will find a sample of the visits made in recent years:

Holwood, Keston. Iron-Age fort & Medieval Kiln. June, (2011)
Cold War bunker, Woodlands Park, Gravesend.
Faversham: abbey, barns and surrounding area.
Keston: windmill, and Roman mausaleum.
Amherst Fort.
Kemsing village.

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