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As this will be the last time that visits will be arranged for our loyal Friends an extra special series of events has been planned. Do please give these your active support.
  1. Monday 27th August
    Roman Painted House at Dover.
    Close town-centre with free parking on our forecourt. Special lecture tour of Roman House, at 2.30pm. No Charge for Friends.
  2. Sunday 16th September
    Reculver, Herne Bay.
    Tour of Saxon Church and Roman Fort. Starting at 2.15pm. Meet at the visitor centre on the west cliff. Parking very nearby. No charge for Friends.
  3. Sunday 23rd September
    Keston Roman Tombs,
    Westerham Road. Keston, Bromley, 11.00am until 4.00pm. No charge for Friends. Pedestrian access only. Parking near Keston Ponds.
  4. Saturday 29th September
    Provender House, Norton.
    (about 2 miles west of Faversham just south of the A2).
    Fine mansion dating back to 13th century. Home to many famous families and now home to H H Princess Olga Romanoff. No charge to Friends and tea included. Only 40 places. Apply for tickets to Dick Ansell (see below), first come basis.
  5. Saturday 13th October
    Final Celebration Conference.
    Rutherford College University of Kent. Starting at 2.00pm. sharp. Free parking adjacent. No charge for Friends (details on Conference page. Tickets from Dick Ansell in the normal way).
Do please give these final events your active support and we shall look forward to seeing you then.
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