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Kent Archaeological Review extract

Letters to the Editor --
Flue tiles.
by P J Woods.
(Brixworth Excavation Group.)


As a 'foreigner' living well beyond the bounds of Kent perhaps I may be allowed to say how much pleasure I have derived from the first issues of your Newsletter. I have found the content both interesting and informative.

I was particularly interested in Mr Gerald Cramp's article on the unusual flue-tiles from Reculver (Newsletter Number 4). Voussoir tiles have occurred in a similar context at Brixworth. They were found in association with tufa and the more conventional box flue-tiles. Their average height is 9½ inches and they taper from 7 inches to 5½ inches.

I am indebted to your contributor for valuable parallels.

Using the formula r= bc/( a-b)

  • r = inner radius of vault;
  • a = greatest width of tile;
  • b =shortest width of tile and
  • c = overall height of tile,
it is possible to calculate the approximate dimensions of the resulting vault. If an additional ½ inch is allowed for mortar and size variation, this assumes a semicircular profile.

I would like to wish you continued success in the future and an ever widening circulation.

Yours faithfully,

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