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Kent Archaeological Review extract

Letters to the Editor --
by M A Pickering.


For the past 5 years I have been making a collection of slides of Roman remains and historical buildings, including those that have unfortunately met the fate of demolition.

Unfortunately, I have not been able to obtain the following slides.

  1. Water tower on the boundary of Sidcup, demolished about one year ago.
  2. Jazreel's Tower/Temple. On the A2 next to the Co-operative in Gillingham, demolished 1961.
  3. The hotel in Bromley, which I believe was dated 1660, that was demolished to make way for an hospital extension. I cannot remember the name of it.

If anyone has any good duplicates for sale, I would be very pleased if they will let me know. Any interior shots would also be very welcome.

Yours faithfully.

Editor: The building referred to in Number 3 was in fact called Ravenscroft, built in 1660 and demolished in 1965.

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