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Kent Archaeological Review extract

Mesolithic Sites Discovered in Perry Woods, Selling near Canterbury.
by A. G. Woodcock.
(East Kent Mesolithic Research Group.)

Mesolithic material is found scattered fairly generally throughout the area of Perry Woods and there are in particular two sites which are worthy of special note in that they represent areas of more permanent occupation. They were discovered where footpaths had crossed these sites and at these points Mesolithic material was exposed on the surface. It was decided to investigate further and to dig a series of trial-holes in order to determine the nature and extent of the industry. This comprises part of a programme of research into the Mesolithic period in East Kent.

Results of the excavations have so far been encouraging and work is continuing. At present it is too early to be able to state the affinities of the industry, but among the several hundred flints so far excavated have been found many fine blades, one tranchet axe, a fabricator, three axe trimming-flakes and several scrapers. There seems to have been great use made of broken blade segments without any secondary working and many of the flints show evidence of deliberate snapping. Only two microliths have so far been found and these are very minute and of rectangular form with delicate chipping along one edge only.

Apart from this project the group is planning a detailed archaeological study of the Elham area with a programme of field surveys throughout the next few months.

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