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Kent Archaeological Review extract

Medieval Hospital at Strood, and work in the Maidstone area.
by M A Ocock.
(Lower Medway Archaeological Research Group.)

As well as the usual summer field activity much behind-the-scenes work has been in progress in connection with the Group's organisation. The Regional Survey scheme is well established and attention has now focused on the subject of publicity. Three members are at present investigating the problem and are formulating proposals which we hope will do much to project the right sort of image and strengthen our contacts with the public. Personal accident insurance cover has been arranged for all members, but fortunately we have had no claims as yet.

The Group is at the time of writing working on a medieval hospital site at Newark Yard, Strood, under the direction of our chairman, Mr A C Harrison. Members have also helped on the KAS dig at Higham Priory.

Following a field survey trial trenching has been carried out at Cooling on a Romano-British industrial site first investigated in 1932 and which is now thought to extend over three acres. Investigations are also proceeding on early Romano-British and Iron Age remains near the "temple" site on Bluebell Hill, Aylesford. Parts of the Maidstone By-Pass extension route have been surveyed and mesolithic flakes and Romano-British potsherds were found near Addington. An educational outing to sites on the South Downs took place in August, but now the holidays are over the Group is back at work observing, like other West Kent societies, several miles of gas-main trench.

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