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Kent Archaeological Review extract

Letters to the Editor --
Comments on Kent Archaeology.
by Vincent Rendel.


May I too congratulate KARGC upon its continuing progress and upon its very valuable Newsletter? But may I also put in a plea for those who "cannot dig in muddy boots" but find themselves, for one reason or another, willy nilly confined to their libraries, to "deductive arguments legitimate" or illegitimate -- and, perhaps, to idle "speculations which raise only a smile from the professional archaeologist?" (Quotations from Crawford and C E Stevens).

Of course it was the field workers who rightly founded KARGC; and of course most of the Newsletter is rightly devoted to news of work in the field and to a recording of facts. But, ultimately, mental as well as physical activity is required and deduction, speculation, discussion and criticism -- even controversy; and, perhaps some contribution can be made to these mental activities by those who have some leisure and even by those who, though not "professionals," have some, local knowledge and have done some serious reading.

"Learned" journals in these days (including in that category ARCHAEOLOGIA CANTIANA) appear at long intervals and are choked with unpublished material for years ahead -- and this inevitably restricts informed communication to the tightest of circles. Anything therefore that can be done in the Newsletter to increase and to speed up the circulation of archaeological and historical ideas in Kent would increase the debt to KARGC which is already owed by all those professionals or others -- who are interested in the Kentish past.

Finally, may I air a very personal regret? If my topography is right, KARGC -- based originally on West Kent and East Kent has begun to penetrate the Weald; but the Marsh, it seems, is still unoccupied. Is there any plan to fill this gap?

Yours faithfully,

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