Kent Archaeological Review extract

Flint Paleolith from Addington.
by D N Broadfoot.

Chance Find.

While on an emergency excavation at Addington, Kent (Newsletter Number 3), the writer found an unrolled, white, patinated flint paleolith. The site, at NGR 5548 1592, is within half a mile of the 'Chestnuts' megalith.

The implement, rectangular and about 5½ inches by 3¾ inches, is of the Levalloisian type, probably about 200,000 BC though some authorities might put it at perhaps 120,000 BC. It has been struck at one blow from a prepared core, with a faceted 'cupid's bow' butt and shows the negative bulb from a previous flake. It is probably a knife, with the broad edge retouched and typologically is Palaeolithic. The site is 9 miles south of the famous workshop site of such flakes at Baker's Hole, Northfleet. No others were found.

Mr P J Jester, FSA. has been kind enough to examine and comment upon this artifact.

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