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Report --
Further Work at New Ash Green.
by R M Walsh.
(Fawkham and District Historical Society Archaeological Group.)

1966 was a very active year and, apart from our main project at Fawkham, which has been dealt with more comprehensively in the last issue of the Review, the development of the new village of Ash Green is now imminent. Several sections adjacent to the site of the Roman Villa have been recorded in case this site should be obliterated in the near future. Unfortunately, we have not been able to utilise mechanical assistance to clarify outstanding points owing to the water-logged state of the ground throughout the latter part of this year, but this will be attempted as soon as practicable. In the meantime our members continue to keep close surveillance over the whole area affected by the development to ensure that any trenches cut are promptly examined.

Training lectures continued throughout last year at fortnightly intervals and outings to places of archaeological interest, organised by the Historical Society, have been well attended.

During this year work will continue on the Fawkham and Ash sites and it is anticipated that several emergency digs may be occasioned by the Ash Development. Apart from these, it is hoped to carry out a survey of the deserted Medieval Village of Scotsgrove with trial excavations where necessary.

Finally, I regret to announce that, due to business commitments, I felt obliged to resign from the Directorship of the Group and I am most pleased that Mr John Keen of "Conway", Gorse Way, Hartley (Tel: Longfield 3567) has kindly consented to lead the Group in the future. I shall continue as the Group's KARGC representative during this year, as well as supporting the Group as time allows and also to ensure regular contact with my friends in the other Groups.

The policy of the Group will continue as before and Mr Keen will be happy to organise emergency digging groups should urgent assistance be required by neighbouring Societies.

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