Kent Archaeological Review extract

Report --
Work at Perry Woods.
by A G Woodcock.
(The East Kent Mesolithic Research Group.)

The series of holes which has been dug by the group to investigate the first of the Mesolithic sites in Perry Woods, Selling, has been completed. Over three thousand pieces of worked flint have been recovered including several implements. The finds show a cross section of Mesolithic equipment and include parts of two tranchet axes, a flake axe, a fabricator, axe sharpening flakes, scrapers, burins, cores, several microliths and microburins.

The Group has two main projects planned for Easter. The second of the Mesolithic sites in Perry Woods is to be investigated and it is hoped that the results will again be rewarding.

Providing all the necessary arrangements can be completed the Group is to dig a series of sections through the brick-earth deposits mentioned in Mr G C Dunning's paper on 'Neolithic Occupation Sites In East Kent', (The Antiquaries Journal, 1966, Volume XLVI, Part 1). Volunteers, trained and beginners, are needed for both these excavations. Anyone interested in these projects or any aspect of the Group's work should get in touch with me. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

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