Kent Archaeological Review extract

Letters to the Editor --
Comments on Metal Detecting.
by A G Rook.
(Lockleys Archaeological Society, Welwyn, Herts.)


It is not an infrequent happening for a hoard of metalwork or even coins to be ploughed over or bulldozed around the landscape. My experience when I found the top half (!) of a silver cup from a Belgic Chieftain's burial may be of use to dirt archaeologists at any time and is not the sort of information usually found in the prestige publications. (I trust you, dear Editor, will not feel demoted if I suggest your Review is utilitarian rather than academic!)

The objects usually called "mine detectors" are in fact quite common. Your local sawmill almost certainly has one to save their saws from wire, fencing nails or shrapnel. The engineers department of your local council probably has one to locate buried manhole covers etc. although theirs may not be so sensitive.

The circuitry is not difficult and your local "ham" could make one (one of my pupils did, but he took it when he left). A very sensitive model is made by Rank-Bush-Cintel; they may lend you one as they did me -- if you approach them in the right way!

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