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Kent Archaeological Review extract

Note on Lympne.
by H E Gough.

A note in Register Number 1 (1617-1755) of Lympne Parish Church, Kent (quoted by Rev C E Woodruff, An Inventory of Parish Registers and other Records in the Diocese of Canterbury, 1922):

"In digging for materials (to mend the highways) on the left hand by the Beacon going down Limne Hill along the cliff, there was discovered the foundations of some very strong walls of a castle, or some other fortification, but no remains of any building above ground have been seen, and so far as I can be informed, there has been no talk of any such building in any man's memory till this was discovered by labourers digging with mattocks about the year 1738. I was surprised to see such walls where there had been no talk about them."

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