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Kent Archaeological Review extract

Unusual Black Slip Samian Cup from Otford.
by C P Ward.
(Otford Historical Society.)

During our excavations of the Romano-British cremation cemetery at Otford in the Autumn of 1965, fragments of a rare Samian cup were discovered sandwiched between a small red Samian dish (form 35/6) and a course grey dish (burial group 43). Upon reassembly, it was found to have been a two handled cup, one handle of which was missing at the time of burial.

The cup was submitted for examination by Dr Grace Simpson, FSA, who kindly supplied the following comments: Dragendorf form 34. The Otford cup has a thin black slip, but the clay body is very little changed from a normal Central Gaulish red ware body by the reduction process which turned the slip black. Both slip and body contain very fine mica which suggests that it was a product of one of the clays found at Leyoux. The period of production was AD 138-180, which date accords very closely with the other dateable objects that have so far been recovered.

DRAWING: Samian Cup


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