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Kent Archaeological Review extract

Society for Post-Mediaeval Archaeology.

The Society for Post-Mediaeval Archaeology has been founded to promote the study of the archaeological evidences of British and Colonial History of the post-mediaeval period. Weekend conferences will be held each spring at various places in Great Britain and sectional meetings in the autumn. One of these section meetings will incorporate the traditions of the Post-Mediaeval Ceramic Research Group. Subscriptions will be 2 and 2 shillings per year, but will include the annual volume of PostMediaeval Archaeology. Number 1 will appear in January, 1968 and will include articles, short notes and reviews. An important feature will be an annual review of the past year's work, providing as full a coverage as possible of all types of site -- military, ecclesiastical, domestic and industrial. To obtain details of the new society, please contact John Ashdown, 14 Princes Street, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, WAT 5000 x 8149.

The first Conference of the above Society was held at Worthing Museum from March 3rd to 5th under its President, Mr R J Charleston of the Victoria and Albert Museum. Papers were given by Mr K J Barton, newly appointed Keeper of the Portsmouth Museum, on Problems and Prospects of Post-Mediaeval Archaeology and by Mr J Manwaring Baines, Hastings Museum, on Sussex pottery, the result of 30 years' work on this insufficiently known material. Reports on recent discoveries relating to two of the Wealden industries, iron and glass. by David W Crossley and G H Kenyon respectively, attracted much attention. Members of the Conference visited a pottery kiln, the site of a hammer pond originally fed by a cutting of the river Arun, and the Chichester City Museum. The Conference was entertained to a cocktail party by Alderman and Mrs Tomlin of the Worthing Council. The Society's secretary, Philip Mayes, Leeds University, reminded members of the autumn Conference, to be held in Durham, and reported on the preparation of the first number of the Society's Journal.

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