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Kent Archaeological Review extract

Springhead Excavations -- 1967.
by W S Penn.
(Gravesend Historical Society.)

It is too early to make definite comments on this year's excavations at Springhead since at the time of writing (8 June 67) work has been in progress for only five weeks. At this time the systematic series of sections has only just extended outside the temenos so that the present comments apply to the temple area.

Another part of the pebble/chalk path to Temple 1 from the Temenos Road East has been discovered. In the centre of this is a votive pit of well: which it is cannot yet be determined until a greater depth has been reached. There was also a square chalk/tile base by the side of the path presumably for a statue or altar. Also by the side of the path is a large isolated post hole the significance of which has not yet been established.

Underlying this path is a building (at the moment "Structure 2") of 1st century date, flint footing and clay floor with extensive burning. Since the temenos wall was not built at this time it is possible that the building had no religious significance.

Structure 1, nearby, is a small building with flint footings and post holes and a flint floor. Part of the flint is covered with clay and in the centre of this is a carefully shaped circular hearth. There are traces of a doorway into the building which could be a temple or shrine, although this cannot be established until the building has been firmly dated.

Also nearby are traces of "Structure 3", recognised only at the moment by tile falls and possible robber trenches. The building may be relatively late and thus possibly a temple.

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