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Kent Archaeological Review extract

Extended Bibliography for Pottery Students.
by Mr F K Annable.
(curator of the Museum at Devizes.)

This is the fourth and final section of the bibliography compiled and kindly supplied by Mr F K Annable, the curator of the Museum at Devizes.


A table containing a list of references to pottery in the roman Period.
author document
Wheeler R E M and Wheeler T V Verulamium. A Belgic and Two Roman Cities (as above).
Hawkes C F C Camulodunum (as above).
Oswald F and Pryce T Introduction to the study of Terra Sigillata. Longmans 1920.
? Oswald F Samian Potters' Stamps.
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Bushe-Fox J P Excavations at Roman Town at Wroxeter. Soc. of Ant. of London Res. Reports I, II, IV.
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Annable F K The Romano-British Pottery at Cantley, Doncaster. Doncaster Museum. 1960.
Annable F K A Romano-British Pottery in Savernake Forest. Kilns 1-2, W.A.M. 58, Dec. 1962.
Sumner Heywood Excavations at the New Forest Pottery Sites.
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Gillam J P, Derbyshire Ware. Antiquaries Journal Vol. XIX, Oct. 1939, No. 4.
Hayes R H. and Whitley Sir E The Roman Pottery at Norton, E. Yorks. Roman Malton and Dist. Rept. No. 7.

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