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Kent Archaeological Review extract

Secret Tunnels in Surrey.
by [Compiled by Harry Pearman].

This publication is intended for all who are fascinated by the subject of secret tunnels -- about 95 per cent. of the human race in the author's experience. Here for the first time within one cover are details of the secret tunnels that you can explore. Some tunnels described are only a few hundred feet long, whereas others run to many miles. In this publication the concentration has been on places of sporting or antiquarian interest, and this has still left plenty of scope and variety.

Some places described, such as the River Mole Swallets and Mother Ludlam's Hole, Farnham, have natural features. Others are the work of generations of enthusiastic tunnellers, who have worked beneath the County, but have left little clue as to the purpose of their excavations. This publication is made to stimulate further research and to throw light on a little known part of the history of the County.

All the places described can be explored without specialized equipment, other than torches; the exception being the strange vertical shaft that has appeared at Pebblecombe. Undoubtedly other sites will come to light, while some of the existing ones may vanish. You have only to stand at the entrance to the mysterious tunnel on Thursley Common, and look at the miles of rolling scrubland all around, to wonder what else may lie beneath the surface.

The publication is quarto duplicated, with 60 pages, including 28 surveys, maps and illustrations. Price 6 shillings a copy. Add for postage and packing: 11 pence -- 1 copy; 1 shilling and 2 pence -- 2 copies; 1 shilling and 6 pence -- 3 copies.

Also in this series. Records Four. "Deneholes", same price, same author.

H Pearman
48 Kenyon Street
London, S.W.6

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