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Kent Archaeological Review extract

Another Subsidence in West Kent.
by Andrew Norris.

Yet another subsidence has occurred in West Kent, this time at Belvedere. As usual the event was both sudden and inconvenient and it removed a fence, wheel-barrow and an assortment of plants from the back-garden of a house in Bedonwell Road. The house-holder was having breakfast at the time when a hissing noise caused him to look up and see his garden disappear from sight.

The main investigators of the event were the Daily Mail, who boldly reported a depth of 100 feet; the local Council who decided that it was a dene hole; Mr J E L Caiger and myself. In actual fact the subsidence was 35 feet deep, about 30 feet wide and revealed a shaft cut though Thanet Sand. No chambers were visible though these may have existed at a greater depth. The face of the shaft bore clear tooling-marks and down one side was a vertical band of brown clay about 18 inches wide.

Mr Caiger feels certain that the shaft is not a denehole and suggests that it formed part of an 18th century chalk-well. An old farmhouse and part of an orchard are nearby and Mr Caiger's son found a clay pipe-bowl dated to about 1760 on the site. The 1870-5 O.S. map (surveyed 1862-66) records Bedon Well Road, but no well or shaft is marked. The subsidence has since been filled in!

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