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Kent Archaeological Review extract

Tha Engliscan Gesithas.
by Malcolm Dunstal.

"Ða Engliscan Gesiðas" means "The English Companions." Our aim is to coordinate the interests and efforts of all those interested in the Language, Literature, Art, History, Archaeology, etc. of the English people from their arrival in this island in the middle of the 5th century AD to 1066 AD when the Norman Conquest almost completely obliterated the most advanced culture existing in the then known world.

The association was originally founded to oppose the misguided celebrations of the 900th anniversary of the Battle of Hastings. That this tragic event should have been thought worthy of celebration at all is ample demonstration of the persistent neglect the only truly English period of English history has suffered. We are trying to dispel at least a little of this cloud of public ignorance to enable the Englishman to be as proud of his national origin and cultural tradition as the Welshman, Scotsman or Irishman is of his.

Amongst ourselves we use the Old English language and calendar as much as possible, and the structure of the society is loosely modelled on the Old English social system. We hope that it will eventually be large enough to undertake such activities as the circulation of recordings of Old English poetry, the publication of texts and papers, and archaeological excavations. The yearly "gield" or subscription is 5 shillings, and Gesiðas receive "Wiðowinde", our Ðrimonaðlic Spell (three-monthly newsletter). Anyone interested in becoming an Englisc Gesið should contact.

Malcolm Dunstall,
Ealdor Engliscra Gesiða,
40 Ashford Road,
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