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Kent Archaeological Review extract

Study of gemstones from Roman sites.


I am engaged in a study of engraved gemstones from Roman sites in Britain. These occur either in intaglio, as seals, or more rarely in relief as decorative cameos.

Many of them must have found their way into private collections and I shall be more than pleased to hear from any reader who possesses such an object especially if I can examine it closely and take photographs. The gemstones of Kent may be particularly important in view of the county's close links with the continent.

Until now jewellery, apart from brooches, has been a much neglected field of research in Romano-British archaeology, but it promises to throw considerable light on the artistic taste of the province. We learn from the elder Pliny and other ancient writers how personal was the choice of device for seal-rings, and the great variety of subject found on British gems bears this out.

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