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Kent Archaeological Review extract

Kent Archaeological Research Groups' Council --
Third Annual Report - 1966/67.
by M. A. OCOCK (Honorary Secretary).

The past year has been one in which we have consolidated our past achievements and have successfully followed those policies already laid down. Three more societies have been elected to the Council and several new people have joined those already administering the various services which the Council provides.

The Emergency Operations scheme continues to be that part of our work which is the most important. Up-to-date information on the scheme has been circulated and the excavations at Polhill have proved to be a very successful venture, whilst elsewhere local groups have continued the never-ending watch on construction work. The laying of yet another major gas pipeline showed what could be achieved with the co-operation of several local societies and a national industry.

The annual conference continues to be a great attraction and the efficiency of the organisation owes much to our tireless organiser. This year's event, which was attended by nearly 200 people, included for the first time a comprehensive display of finds, plans and photographs.

The Panel of Lecturers has been greatly increased both in size and scope and it is hoped that the scheme, of which full details are to be circulated shortly, will do much to help member societies and others, with speakers on every subject connected with Kentish archaeology. An annual award for essays has also been initiated in order to encourage the younger enthusiasts. Also, in accordance with the policy of providing assistance to member societies, the Council purchased a dumpy level and staff for use by groups in fieldwork.

Little need be said of the outstanding progress and development of the Kent Archaeological Review. Everyone will have seen what this fine publication is doing in improving communications and supplementing the annual county journal. The subscription department is now under new management and an even better service is envisaged, whilst our Editor will be able to devote more time to collecting news.

Finally, a mention must be made of all those who have contributed in one form or another to the Council's work in the past year. Their hard work goes largely unrewarded but archaeology in Kent has benefited. If the services provided by the KARGC are used to the full in this coming year we shall have cause to thank them even more! Although much was achieved in 1967, the Council was not over-taxed in its efforts to assist local groups and I hope that in 1968 an increase in their own work will require us to work even harder.

October 1967

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