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Kent Archaeological Review extract

Other Activities.
by E Mynott.
(West Kent Border Archaeological Group.)

Besides the excavations at Warbank various other activities have been pursued: --

Emergency Excavation.

In February, the Group undertook emergency excavations on the site of the Bishop of Rochester's palace at Bromley. The site has been occupied for 1,000 years and the existing palace, built in 1775, now forms part of Stockwell College. Contractors, working on a extension to the college, hit the foundations of an earlier building. A two-day excavation undertaken with the aid of a mechanical excavator (JCB C3) revealed a deep, cellared brick-built building which must have been attached to the west side of the gatehouse. The building was probably constructed in the 17th century and demolished in 1775. The rubble and debris from the filling of this building contained pottery of 14th century date. The outer lip of the medieval moat was recorded in one section.

Public Lectures.

The Group's course of six winter public-lectures on archaeological discoveries in Kent and London was completed in March. Well over 100 tickets were sold for this and the hall filled on each occasion.

Training Scheme.

The Group has started a training school for those wishing to take part in practical archaeology in the Bromley area. This school, the first of its type to be organised in Kent, is being run in conjunction with the Bromley and Beckenham Adult Education Centres. More than 90 students have attended lectures on archaeology, methods and technique which constitutes the first session. The second session, which begins in May, will involve field work on a site in the Bromley area.


The Group has just obtained a grant of 120 from the CUKT on the recommendation of the CBA. This is for a special research project which will cost in total more than 250 and includes the purchase of a wooden building for use as a research centre. In addition the Group's 1968 Jumble Sale has produced a record sum of 45. This annual event provides our main source of income and is much enjoyed by all our members.

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