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Kent Archaeological Review extract

Index of Iron Age Coins.
by S S Frere.
(All Souls College, Oxford.)

The publication of D F Allen's distribution-lists of pre-Roman coins in Problems of the Iron Age in Southern Britain brought home to us how badly recorded this coinage was, and how liable to separation from context, or even to downright loss, were individual discoveries. Yet on their distribution patterns depends our knowledge of late Iron Age kingdoms and tribal history.

Since 1959 Mr Allen and I have been building up a card-index of coins, each card illustrated with a (twice actual) photograph of obverse and reverse, and recording details of metal, weight, find-spot and ownership. It is hoped that this index besides recording all coins will also make possible studies of die-relationships etc.

Pre-Roman coins by reason of their primitive method of manufacture, as a result of which only part of the design usually appears on individual specimens, possess an individuality missing in better-struck currency. This enables individual coins to be recognised and recorded. Moreover, new types still appear; since the publication of the second edition of R P Mack's The Coinage of Ancient Britain in 1964 at least four previously unknown types have come to light.

I will be very glad to hear of further coins, whether they have find-spots or not. We record all pre-Roman pieces, whether British, Gallo-Belgic or Greek. I would like to borrow them for photography, weighing etc., and in return am ready to provide a print and details of identification if required.

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