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Kent Archaeological Review extract

Letters to the Editor --
by Alan Stoyel.

Dear Sir,

For several years, while living in West Kent, I was able to study many of the watermills in the County, taking photographs, measuring the gearing and water-wheels, and interviewing local inhabitants. Having left this part of the country, I am anxious to continue this work and shall be most interested to hear from anyone who shares this interest.

The rate of disappearance of these mills has been most alarming, but, almost as disturbing, is the immense fund of information and pictures which is being lost just as steadily.

I shall be delighted to hear from anyone who has any pictures, or who can provide any recollections -- however insignificant they may seem -- as it is only by their help that a record of the Kent mills can be anything other than fragmentary.

Yours faithfully,

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