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Kent Archaeological Review extract

Widened Scope.
by A G Woodcock.
(Kent Mesolithic Research Group.)

The East Kent Mesolithic Research Group was formed in 1966 with the aim of producing a detailed report on the Mesolithic period in East Kent; by the recording and study of existing sites and finds, by field surveys, and by excavation etc. The basic framework around which this survey is to be based has now been completed.

For a variety of reasons the group has decided to increase the scope of its activities, and although still based in East Kent now aims to produce a comprehensive survey of the Mesolithic in Kent as a whole, considering the problems not in isolation, but with reference to sites outside the county, both in this country and on the continent. For the sake of simplicity therefore, the group will henceforth to be known simply as the Kent Mesolithic Research Group.

The success of this venture will be an exercise in friendship between other groups and research workers in the area, with the resulting interchange of advice and information being of benefit to all concerned. We hope the result of this will shed a shaft of light into the otherwise somewhat mirky gloom that still continues to envelope this period and lay the foundations upon which future investigation and research work can be based.

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