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Kent Archaeological Review extract

Forest of Blean Research.
by John Dudley Swale and Marianne Last.
(Forest of Blean Research Group.)

The group has continued the programme of field survey work mentioned in KAR Number 10 (November 1967). During the past year we have added two more tile making sites to the medieval industry north of Tyler Hill village, both being identified by waster heaps.

Investigation of a chance find by a landowner, led to the discovery of large quantities of iron "bloom" and an associated ditch containing early 1st century pottery in woodland about a mile west of Chartham Hatch. Work on this site is still in progress and it is hoped to publish a more detailed report in the near future.

A close watch has been kept on the laying of an 18-inch trunk gas main to the north of Canterbury. The pipe-laying has been followed for nearly six miles, and over 30 archaeological features have been recorded, the majority being pits or ditches containing little or no dating evidence. The waster heap from a medieval kiln producing roof tiles, was revealed at NGR TR 143 603, 200 yards south of the one excavated in August, 1967 (KAR Number 10, November 1967). East of the Roman road from Sturry to Reculver at NGR TR 188 616 the pipeline crossed a series of pits and ditches containing Belgic and Romano-British pottery; it is intended to examine this site in greater detail in the future.

At the time of writing there are still two miles of pipe to be laid, but it is expected that this will be completed by mid-October, when our next programme of field survey begins.

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