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Kent Archaeological Review extract

Romano-British site at Radfield.
by H P Mills.

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the first part of this article was missing (removed) from the copy of the Kent Archaeological Review that was available for scanning.

Balance of article.

...... opened in the middle. The metalling was found to be substantial in places, with a marked camber. Underneath it were two shallow gullies containing early Roman pottery and possibly pre-conquest pottery. A silver medieval coin was discovered lying upon the metalling.

Ralph Mills was appointed to supervise the work, in consultation with Brian Philp, to whom we are most grateful for his advice and active encouragement. Mr J Bradshaw, too, came to our aid at the very beginning and helped us to get off to a good start. By the end of the "dig" more than forty people had given a hand -- among them members of the Ashford, Faversham, Lower Medway, Reculver and West Kent Border Groups -- another excellent example of combined effort.

The Group now has the pleasant task, during the winter months, of working on the finds and preparing its report. Over 25 coins were recovered, as well as rings, brooches, pins and so on, together with a mass of pottery, much of which is of first century date.

Our thanks go to everyone who helped, whether in a big or a small way -- and not least to the driver of the bulldozer for his skill and patience and enthusiasm for archaeology.

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