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Kent Archaeological Review extract

Romano-British cremations at Halfway House, Sheppey.
by H P Mills.
(Sittingbourne and Swale Archaeological Research Group.)

Members of the Sittingbourne and Swale Archaeological Research Group were called upon during October to carry out their second rescue dig of the 1968 season.

Work on a large building site at Halfway Houses on the Isle of Sheppey had revealed several Romano-British cremation burials, with pottery of second century date and a number of beads. It was the same site which a few weeks before had produced the coin-hoard reported on elsewhere in this issue of the Review.

Two days were spent there, digging a very intractable clay, but only two further burials were discovered, each with pottery in an extremely fragmentary condition.

No burials of this date seem to have been excavated previously on Sheppey.

The Group is grateful to Mr P E Leach for his co-operation and help in the excavations.

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