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Kent Archaeological Review extract

Medieval Pottery on the Campus.
by Gerald Cramp.
(University of Kent Archaeological Society.)

During 1968 the Society discovered and investigated a number of sites on the university campus on which were found medieval pottery. Only once before had medieval pottery been found on the site and that was when the contractors were laying drains for Eliot College. Brief notes on the discovery appeared in the KAR Number 2 (then Newsletter) and in the Kentish Gazette (15th May, 1965).

The university is situated on high ground overlooking the City close to Tyler Hill Village. The latter has given its name to a type of local pottery made during the 13th and perhaps 14th centuries. Gerald Dunning reported (Arch. Cantiana LV, (1942), 57) the discovery of a pottery kiln at the north end of Tyler Hill which was tentatively dated to circa 1275-1300. It seems probable that the recent finds on the university site relate to the medieval pottery and tile industry centred on Tyler Hill.

Extensive surveys of the campus have revealed four major areas on which pot- tery and tile has been found. Three of these are not yet available for excavation, but the fourth is under excavation as conditions allow. The finds from these sites include kiln debris, roof and floor tiles, glazed and unglazed pottery all of medieval date. In addition two almost complete jugs have been found by the Contractors.

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