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Kent Archaeological Review extract

Editor resigns.
by Norman Cook.

The Officers and Council of the Kent Archaeological Research Group heard with great regret that John Horne, because of business interests, is unable to continue as Editor of the Kent Archaeological Review. He has served the Council with great loyalty and we are all in his debt for the work he has done. When he took over as Editor the Review (then Newsletter) was a simple duplicated form of less than two hundred copies per issue. He has developed it into the fully printed, illustrated form of today which sells about 5,000 copies each year. Editorial work is a pretty thankless task and one which requires great application and a lot of spare time. John's business appears to be flourishing with the result that the calls upon his time have increased, and so, while regretting his retirement, we should be happy for him and congratulate him on the reasons for giving up the editorship. Until a new Editor is appointed the Acting Editor, Mr. Ron Fendt, is carrying on and is responsible for this issue. The Council will appoint a new Editor at their next meeting.

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