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Kent Archaeological Review extract

Boxted (NGR TQ8525) .
by Jim Williams.
(Upchurch Archaeological Research Group.)

The site lies three-quarters of a mile north of Watling Street close to the Upchurch-Newington parish boundary. It was first discovered in 1880 by George Payne when walls and floors of the Roman period were revealed during the removal of brickearth. He subsequently excavated a large double corridored building in 1882 (Arch. Cant. XV).

During a field survey, conducted by the Upchurch and the Sittingbourne and Swale Archaeological Research Groups, using a resistivity meter, another building was located 300 yards south-west of the 1882 one. The follow-up excavation has so far revealed the western half of a Romano-Celtic temple, but only the foundation walls remain and of these the north cella wall has been completely robbed. The floors have also completely disappeared.

Dating evidence is very scarce at this stage and consists so far of one unidentifiable coin and three pottery rims. Work is continuing to recover the complete plan of the building. The group is indebted to Mr L Stevens of Boxted Farm for his consent to carry out the survey and the follow-up excavation.

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