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Kent Archaeological Review extract

Letter from the Chairman.
by Norman Cook.

In the last issue I had to announce with regret the retirement of our Editor of the Kent Archaeological Review. Now I have to report that our Honorary Secretary, Michael Ocock, finds that he must regretfully hand over his office to another. These two retirements coming so close to one another may give some people the idea that all is not well within the Research Group's Council, but the opposite is true. It is precisely because we have had the great privilege of the devoted work of two young men who have yet much work of their own to do, that these changes are necessary.

Michael feels that he just cannot devote enough time to answering letters and attending meetings and getting round to see people in Kent, and it is because he does not want to fall down on the job that he is retiring. Fascinatingly enough, what little spare time his release from this office gives him he will devote to the furtherance of his own archaeological studies. He has served the Council magnificently with a high sense of duty and determination to fulfill every aspect of that job. It is difficult to express one's gratitude to the selflessness of the work of people like him. One can only accept the results of his selfsacrifice. Once more the Council is able to find a willing replacement as Paul Oldham has agreed to take on the office of Honorary Secretary until the formal election of Michael's successor comes before the Annual General Meeting. Meanwhile, let us wish Michael happy readings in archaeology and Paul the vision and energy which this job demands.

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