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Kent Archaeological Review extract

Letters --
by Michael J. Syddell.


With the impending decimalisation of our everyday life, it is surely time that archaeology too made the switch to use of the metric system. So far, to my knowledge, there has been no lead from national archaeological bodies and therefore I hope we can look to the KARGC to take a local lead.

Many questions about the application of metrics to archaeology spring to mind and if authoritative answers could be published in the Review it would be most helpful. For instance, on the Continent, how are ranging rods divided -- into one metre bands, half metre bands or what? How long are "foot" rules and how are they divided?

What is the standard European square size -- 2.5 metres by 2.5 metres or 3 metres by 3 metres? On what basis are grids laid out? Will it be correct to give lengths in metres and fractions, e.g. 6.2 metres, or, as in industry, will metres be dropped in preference to measurements expressed in centimetres?

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