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Kent Archaeological Review extract

Boxted (NGR TQ 8 5166619).
by Jim Williams.
(Upchurch Archaeological Research Group.)

THE group, with the co-operation of the Sittingbourne and Faversham groups, concluded the season's excavation at Boxted on September 1st.

The area excavated contained the western half of a concentric square Romano-British temple.

PHOTO: South-west Corner of the Temple, looking North along the west corridor.

South-west Corner of the Temple, looking North along the west corridor.

The foundations of the outer walls, or portico, were found intact. Of the inner walls, or cella, only the foundations of the south wall were intact. The west and north cella walls had been completely robbed, leaving the trenches only, with the wall robber's back-fill.

The superstructure seems to have been built of flint with bonding courses and quoins of yellow brick on tile. The roof was probably the usual red roof tile. This evidence was very slight. No evidence of floors has yet been found.

A possible votive pit was found inside the cella, against the west wall. This contained soil, clay and builder's rubble from another building. Four black objects, possibly seeds, and a large number of mice bones were found in the lower part of the pit.

Not enough dating evidence has yet been found to make dating possible.

The group hopes to continue the excavation next year and we wish to thank again Messrs G & L Stevens of Boxted Farm for their co-operation and encouragement.

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