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Kent Archaeological Review extract

Ironworking site at Denstead Wood, Chartham Hatch.

(Forest of Blean Research Group.)

The excavation of the ironworking site at Denstead Wood, Chartham Hatch, (NGR TR 091572) mentioned in Review Number 14 (page 17) is almost completed.

The site is apparently extensive. A limited excavation has revealed the remains of at least two bloomery hearths, and ten metres of a gully which was also used in the smelting process. There is no evidence of use of the site for any purpose except iron smelting. The exact source of ore has not yet been discovered. Nearly 200 sherds of pottery have been found in the hearths and gully; all date from the first half of the first century AD. There is no Roman material present. A full report is in preparation and this will be ready for publication in 1970.

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