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Kent Archaeological Review extract

Flint Axe from Edenbridge.
by Miss J M Harding.

This axe was found on the surface of the first river terrace in river gravels at Devil's Den, Edenbridge in 1968. (NGR TQ 438 452). It is of pinkish-grey flint with lighter spots. It is stained ochre above and is in excellent condition. The finder was Mr P J Gray of Dormansland and the axe is now in private ownership.

DRAWING: Flint Axe.


Mr D N Broadfoot of the West Kent Border Group was invited to comment. In his opinion "the axe appears to have a tranchet flake-bed at its point and a blunted butt. It is likely to be a late-Mesolithic type, perhaps dating to about 8,000-4,000 BC. It has a median ridge and resembles W F Rankine's West Surrey type IIB, also known as a Thames pick."

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