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Kent Archaeological Review extract

Roman Coin-hoard at Ramsgate.
by Peter Cullen.
(Area Site Investigator -- Isle of Thanet.)

In July, SEGB workmen, laying pipes on a building site, near Pysons Road, Ramsgate uncovered a hoard of bronze coins. These have been identified as Sestertii of the second century and include coins of Hadrian, Antoninus Pius, Faustina and Commodus. It seems that the hoard may have been deposited at about AD 200. At an inquest the East Kent Coroner, rightly or wrongly, made an order that the coins were to be held by the police.

Trial excavations on the site by members of the Reculver Excavation Group, in consultation with the writer and Mr B J Philp, then followed. Subsequently, the police released the coins and they are now the property of the Ramsgate Public Library and will eventually be displayed in the local Ramsgate Museum.

A quantity of Roman pottery had also been found by the workmen, and this has been handed in for study. Two of the workmen, Mr Horton and Mr Pemble, made a careful note of where they had found the pottery and this has provided important information. The trial excavation located two small ditches associated with pottery, oyster-shells and animal bones. All the pottery appears to date from the first and second centuries.

In the meantime close watch is being kept on the site (with the kind co-operation of the builders) by the writer in conjunction with the Reculver Group and further work is planned.

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