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Kent Archaeological Review extract

Roman Coins from Reculver.

The construction of the new sea-wall at Reculver early in 1969 (Review Number 16, page 15) involved the disturbance and removal of many tons of collapsed cliff and shingle. Careful watch by local people, working in conjunction with the Reculver Excavation Group, resulted in the collection of nearly 100 Roman coins. Many of these were in a worn condition or had suffered from the effects of salt-water. The new sea-wall is now completed and the area has been grassed and fenced.

A total of 61 Roman coins are shown in the list below and of these Mr J Bateman handed in 21 and Mr D Blake handed in the other 40. Both are to be congratulated for their enthusiastic work on the foreshore often in severe weather and for their co-operation with the Group. Nine of the coins listed have kindly been identified by Miss L Millard of the Royal Museum, Canterbury.

A 17-entry table follows, each giving Emporer, date, and quatity.
Emperor Date Quantity
Antoninus Pius 138-161 1
Gallienus 253-268 1
Postumus 259-267 1
Claudius II 268-270 4
Victorinus 265-270 1
Tetricus 270-273 2
Carausius 287-293 3
Allectus 293-296 1
Radiates (worn) 270-300 21
Constantine I 306-337 1
Licinius 307-324 3
Maximianus 305-311 1
Crispus 317-326 1
House of Constantine 308-340 5
Valentinian I 364-375 1
4th century (worn)   10
Illegible   4
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