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Kent Archaeological Review extract

Letters --
Regional Groups.
by Vincent Rendel.

May I comment on -- rather than "answer" -- Mr Horne's letter in your last issue; and at the same time on the metamorphosis of KARGC into CKA.

I agree:

  1. that there are too many ineffective organisations engaged in "archaeology" (which I assume, although I am not sure, embraces or is embraced by "history"),
  2. that no organisation is better than an ineffective organisation and
  3. that what is most wanted is "co-ordination on a local basis."

But living on the ROTHER/LIMEN I am painfully conscious of the complete absence of co-ordination between Kent and Sussex and I believe that for any understanding of Kentish history and pre-history it is necessary to know about Essex too.

Might I dare to suggest:

  1. that (if CKA. meets more than annually) it should co-opt representatives of East Sussex and Essex (and perhaps of Surrey) and should seek similar representation on similar bodies in the adjoining counties and
  2. that there are some deplorable gaps in the coverage of Kent by local "groups" -- notably the Romney and Walland Marshes (and the Isle of Oxney).
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