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Kent Archaeological Review extract

Further work at Lower Warbank.
by Edna Mynott.
(West Kent Border Archaeological Group.)

During the summer and autumn, work has continued on the site at Lower Warbank, Keston, although many members took part in the large-scale excavation at Dover. Mr G B Clewley directed the operations at Keston for this period.

Excavations on both the Roman villa site and the important Iron Age complex were carried out. More pits and postholes containing Iron Age pottery were found on the eastern side of the site. Work on part of the Roman villa complex to the west, located last year, (see KAR 18, page 13) has revealed more flint walls of this building. In parts the opus signinum floors of this building have survived.

By July the training school at Lower Warbank was completed. Certificates were given to over 100 successful students, many of whom continued to work on the site.

At the time of going to press most of the members have returned from the excavation at Dover and the work at Keston is concentrated on preparing the site for the two open-weekends in early October. The Roman cemetery site has been weeded; the grass on the lower site has been mown and the exhibition is prepared for our annual "at home."

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