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Kent Archaeological Review extract

Activities at Otford 1970.
by Cliff Ward.

The summer activities of the group have included a small exploratory dig to try to establish the line of a medieval road at Otford, near the palace. Traces of a ditch filled with large ragstones, on the expected alignment, and a paved area at the edge of the area presently available for excavation, suggest the existence of the earlier road. Finds were limited to medieval and later sherds and roof tiles. Detailed information will be deposited in the records of Otford and District Historical Society, the parent society, on whose behalf the investigation was carried out.

The route of the new gas-pipe project in ODAG emergency area has been trod at the stage when topsoil (to a depth of 4-6 inches) has been removed. The trench, to be open for a short time only will be investigated when it arrives. To date, results have been largely negative.

A number of ODAG members assisted at the Dover excavation (q.v.) and all benefited from the experience of working on a large site of national importance.

An autumn programme has been embarked upon and new members (young or old) will be welcome at the weekly meetings held on Friday evenings at the rear of Church House, High Street, Sevenoaks, as well as for fieldwork during weekends.

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