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Kent Archaeological Review extract

Letters to the Editor.
by Vincent Rendel, Woodchurch.


I would much sooner write to KAR on anything rather than organizational controversy. All the same I am sorry that neither CKA nor Mr Horne nor Mr Money nor anyone else has thought my letter in your issue Number 20 worth a reply or even a mention. I then suggested that CKA should co-opt representatives of East Sussex and of Essex. Has it done so? Does it intend to do so? Mr Money claims, as chairman of CBA Group IIA and as a Committee member of CBA GROUP IIB, to be able to co-ordinate adequately all matters of interest to archaeologists and historians in the counties of Kent, Surrey and Sussex; he says not a word about Essex.<

Possibly the work of these CBA Groups is familiar to those who direct from the top the activities of KAS and CKA; those like myself who are mere ordinary members of KAS or subscribers to KAR or both remain mostly in outer darkness and ignorance. I am usually told by the initiates that that is my fault and, of course, that may well be so.

I also bewailed the absence of a "local group" of CKA on Romney Marsh. I am not so far conscious of any step having been taken by CKA to fill this gap.

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