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Kent Archaeological Review extract

Letter to the Editor --
Anglo-Saxon Cemetery of Broadstairs.
by Peter Cullen.

Dear Sir,

I have not seen any details in the Review of the discovery of an important Saxon cemetery at St Peter's, Broadstairs. I feel sure that your readers, and all those interested in Kent archaeology, will want to know about this important site.

It seems that the site was discovered in 1969, when workmen were clearing part of the Council rubbish-dump at Broadstairs. Human bones were noticed, and this led to the discovery of the cemetery. A Mr Hogarth took charge of the work, on behalf of the Ministry of Works, and advised by Miss Sonia Hawkes of Oxford University.

In two years more than 200 Saxon graves were found, and these seem to have been of early Saxon date.

Many graves contained objects of interest such as brooches, buckles, beads, spearheads, shield-bosses, and vessels of pottery and glass.

Yours sincerely,

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