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Kent Archaeological Review extract

The Relocation of the Romano-British site at St Pauls Cray.
by John Parsons.

The exact site of an important Romano-British site at St Paul's Cray, located many years ago, has remained something of a mystery. Working from an old faded map made nearly fifty years ago members of the Cray Antiquarian Association, led by their chairman, have at last rediscovered the site. The only clue was a slight bend in the River Cray which appeared both on the old map and on a much more recent survey in the local reference library.

Since the original discovery the whole area has been covered by gravel-pits, factories, houses and roads. One small splinter of land does, however, remain undeveloped and permission for the Group to undertake archaeological investigations here was readily given by Colonel W Nash, CBA.

Trial-excavations, which began on 1st May, have now produced evidence of Roman occupation. So far the material includes Roman debris such as pottery, tiles and a fourth century bronze coin. Work will continue through the summer months.

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