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Kent Archaeological Review extract

The Graveney Ship.
by Mrs C M Fenwick.

The Carbon 14 tests, for the timber from the Graveney Ship have now been completed. Two samples were tested and both gave consistent readings:

  1. B.M. 660: 1080 years BP (plus or minus 40 years) is AD 870.
  2. B.M. 661: 1064 years BP (plus or minus, 54 years) is AD 886.

To this one must allow (say) about 25-50 years for the age of the timber and this would suggest that the boat was constructed about AD 900.

(Editor: Readers will remember that details of the discovery of this ship were given in KAR Number 23 (1971), page 90. It was found in September 1970 by a mechanical excavator carrying out dyking operations on the Graveney Marsh. It was removed and taken to the National Maritime Museum at Greenwich for eventual display. It is hoped that further details of this interesting Kent find will appear in future issues of the KAR).

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