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Kent Archaeological Review extract

News from the Groups --
West Kent Border.
by Edna Mynott.

Since the winter months (see KAR Number 24 page 102) the Group's work has been concentrated mainly on the site in Lower Warbank field, Keston (see KAR Numbers 14, 15 and 18). This extensive major site, which was occupied during the Iron Age, Roman and Saxon periods, is directly threatened by Ringway 3. The public enquiry into Ringway 3 is now under way. Work at Lower Warbank was started in 1968 by the students of the Bromley Archaeological Training School. This training school is now in its fourth year and has proved highly successful.

Last season (1970) important discoveries of Saxon date were made within the Roman villa-complex and this year work started in an area to the east, again on the line of Ringway 3. It is hoped that more evidence of Saxon occupation will be found. The grid was laid out in April by the students on their first day on the site. It is based on 10 foot squares, the actual boxes worked being 8 feet by 8 feet to allow 2 feet baulks, which are later removed. Students and Group members work in pairs-each pair being allocated one box.

This season's work so far has proved very interesting and productive. A complex of features have been uncovered and are in the process of being excavated and recorded. Work continues at Lower Warbank, though a large contingent of the Group and training-school students will soon join the rescue-research excavations at Dover.

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