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Kent Archaeological Review extract

Stop Press --
Progress Report from Dover.
by Brian Philp.

CIB Headquarters
Queen Street,
10th December, 1971

Rescue-excavations now at 164th day. So far about 70 per cent of total roadworks area now excavated, recorded and preserved. Staying on to complete remainder as conditions allow. Team reduced to four men. Contractors and engineers now firm allies. Weather, good until mid-October, now Arctic. Two diggers lost with frost-bite and sections trampled by wild bears.

All four walls and 16 internal buildings of Classis Britannica fort now located. Another section of south wall of Saxon Shore fort and substantial masonry bastion (now damaged) excavated. Iron Age hut and pits and a range of medieval buildings.

Dover Corporation announce intention to preserve the Painted House in Market Street as national monument by varying plan of intended multi-storey car park on site. Bypass road now to be raised nearly six feet to preserve 'in situ' both Roman forts in their entirety. This is result of enlightened ministerial decision of far-reaching significance. Vast local, county, national and REMW support. A victory for Britain, archaeology and the environment.

My thanks again to, our teams of volunteers and the army of supporters. Particular thanks to those survivors who bravely stayed to the end of the big-push in impossible circumstances. Notable contributions by Gerald Clewley and Howard Davies. Back to the trenches . . .

(Ed -- The necessity for a continuous archaeological presence at Dover throughout the Winter months with work sometimes going on until late in the evening, has for the time being, prevented the preparation of an interim report.)

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