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Recommended Reading --
Chichester Excavations Number 1.
by Malcolm King.

By Alec Down and Margaret Rule.
(Chichester Civic Society Excavations Committee, 2.50)

This book is a fine example of the excellent work now being done in many parts of Britain by first-class amateur archaeologists. It deals with a number of rescue-excavations carried out in Chichester from 1963-1969 by volunteers working under the direction of the authors. The work covers various periods though not unnaturally the Roman has received most attention and in particular there is an excellent report on the Roman cemetery at St Pancras. More than 326 burial groups were excavated and of the many finds perhaps the most important were lead-glazed vessels in a reddish-orange fabric with a brown or green glaze. Pottery of this sort must often before have been regarded as post-medieval, but here at last it was securely stratified. Other excavations were also conducted at St Mary's Hospital, Chichester Cathedral, Westgate, Orchard Street and Somertown.

If this book has a failing it may be in its style and planning. About 40 per cent of each page seems to be unused and there was perhaps some scope for the greater use of bold typefaces and varying sizes. Perhaps these minor problems will be ironed out with the publication of volume 2.

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